PCI Hot Cutover Tool


Many control systems are getting older without improvements or approaching end of their life. These plants should start with a migration to a new control system before issues start to occur.

Two common approaches for a migration:

  • Offline (cold) cutover; complete replacement at once
  • Online (hot) cutover; migration without plant shutdown

“A hot cutover is an approach of replacing the obsolete control system while the plant is operational.
The obsolete and the new control systems operate simultaneously, and the new system is cutover point
by point, loop by loop.”

Hot Cutover basically is to Plan, Install, Commission and Integrate New Control Systems with the Existing
Systems without taking sections of the running Plant into Shutdown mode.

PCI Hot Cutover Tool:

Allows user to safely migrate to a newer control system without having any or minimal downtime. For some I/O’s an online migration can be an issue because of their critical nature to the process. Disconnecting these critical control loops can result in shutdown which could be critical to the process conditions. In these situations, PCI Hot Cutover Tool proves its value; it can take-over even some of the critical loops, while maintaining optimal control of the process.


  • Easy operation
  • Safe and controlled hot cutover
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Minimization of human errors and risks
  • Preventing production downtime
  • Generally independent of the type of existing or new control system HW.

Process explanation

STEP 1 – The process starts with an initial study/report of inventory of all processes and related instruments that will be affected by the migration. Define the critical loops and perform the necessary hazard and operability studies. Identify new control hardware (PLC, I/Os, Switches, Power supply, etc.) to match existing control system. Identify any new additions or changes required.

STEP 2 – Connected parallelly to existing control system and verify connection to control loops and ready to read & write.