Parijat High Speed Data Logger

This desktop Windows purpose-built application is designed primarily for control systems needing a lot of analog & DI data storage for precise time stamping as the data changes over small sub-second time intervals. Rockwell Clogix PLC family is currently supported, however, other PLCs can be easily supported as well. This software requires a PLC program that is integrated into your PLC project and has the ability to handle any number of analog inputs and up to 64 digital inputs. You may also define a Boolean as an  event trigger associated with the data being logged. The AIs & DIs continue getting recorded in buffer samples till the event triggers.

You may define the total # of samples,  # of samples after the trigger event that continue to be recorded. Both pre & post event data is recorded & presented.

The MS windows front end is also provided. The data may be used for analysis etc. later.


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