Digital Twin

Digital twins are digital replicas of physical assets that allow for improved decision-making, real-time forecasting, optimization, monitoring, and management. These digital models can be utilized to collect more insights that lead to better processes, products, and customer experiences, as well as cheaper costs.  The bill of materials, mechanical characteristics, control logic, operational status, machine performance, … Digital Twin Read More »

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The proliferation of distributed, decentralized governance structures in large operational technology (OT) environments poses cybersecurity challenges to large industrial companies. Business environments today are increasingly digital, and cyber-attacks are more prevalent than ever. This has led to the development of various network security technologies to ensure the protection of organizational data and infrastructure. Data diodes … CYBER SECURITY USING DATA DIODES Read More »

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IT-OT in a Single System

Digital networks can communicate with real-world events thanks to the convergence of IT and OT. Both IT and OT, or operational and information technology, transmit information, store data, and constitute the basis of many company operations. To deliver results and a unified strategy to systems covering, Parijat Controlware. Inc. combines these two systems, allowing associations … IT-OT in a Single System Read More »

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