Parijat Controlware Inc. (PCI) is in business since 1989, serving Oil & Gas, supply chain management projects worldwide. PCI initially built its reputation on the ability to provide quality and extremely reliable control and safety systems for the oil and gas industry. PCI has successfully completed projects for several end-users, in various industries.

PCI forte is programming & diagnosing PLCs, HMI/SCADA systems & related business, enterprise applications.

PCI designs/builds end-to-end turn-key automation control systems from field devices to mobile devices to the top end of enterprise applications, including order fulfillment. PCI adopts a wide range of controllers like Rockwell/Allen-Bradley, Siemens, ABB, GE-IP, Schneider, Emerson, Honeywell, Automation Direct, Opto22, Mitsubishi, Omron, etc.

PCI uses Microsoft Visual Studio .NET technology for HMI/SCADA or products Like

  • Rockwell – PlantPax, FT/RSView/Panelview
  • Schneider – Wonderware, Archestra, Indusoft, Clearscada, Citect, Telvent
  • Siemens – WinCC
  • GE-IP – Proficy, iFix, Cimplicity
  • Iconics, Inductive Automation, etc.

The client has the choice to pick what precise combination to use. Best features & economies are achievable from Microsoft & Rockwell combination. Solutions are neutral or agnostic to the control systems hardware, networking & all other related peripheral control equipment.

PCI’s own products always use contemporary technologies. The database of choice is MS SQL Server. An only a single copy of data is employed from end-to-end. Products may be further customized to the nth degree of client needs. Virtualized, cloud & local hosted servers are supported.

automation integration

PCI PLC Infrastructure

Additional features available when Parijat PLC program Infrastructure is employed -Online relevant PLC code viewable in HMI

  • Built-in simulation and override capability that may be invoked anytime for testing, training, troubleshooting, or get around failed equipment/hardware, etc.
  • Extremely powerful control diagnostics – ask for more details
  • Simplified single step MOC (management of change)
  • Live integrated drawings, user manuals, etc.

Traditional, Typical Solutions

Typically system solutions use multiple different products from different vendors, running on Microsoft Windows. This results in a heterogeneous solution with multiple copies of data & multiple dependencies on non-Microsoft vendors. Also, there are vulnerabilities to human data entry errors.

PCI Solutions

PCI solution integrates all of the above layers into a single Parijat product management System with a single copy of data. However, if there are adequate technical reasons in the project in question, then the solution may be broken out also into desired islands, maintain data integrity & avoid human errors.

cloud based

Other Options

  • Use your choice of control systems HW or smart field devices
  • Source code is available
  • Technology transfer services
  • Additional training on the products & their behind-the-scenes plumbing details

Supported Operating Systems

Desktop PCs – MS Windows 10 or earlier (32 & 64 bit); MS Windows Server (any version) Mobile Hardware – Use commodity iPads or Androids or Surface units for scanning, HMI or user interface, throughout the enterprise. Native mobile apps are not just virtual desktops. Use ISA100, Wi-fi, IR, Bluetooth, BLE4, cell network, or broadband of client’s choice.


  • ERP capability built-in or may interface with external 3rd party ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, Dynamics, etc.
  • CMMS capability built-in or may interface with external 3rd party packages like Infor, Maximo
  • Test or debug simulation support (with source version control)
  • Decision support, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Big-data, IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), MS Azure Streaming Analytics, MS Streaminsight support, Google Analytics
  • Inter user Chatting, Video Analytics support
  • Integrated intelligent documents, drawings, c/e diagrams
  • Maintenance CMMS, user, SNMP, asset management
  • Operator comments of various types, with history
  • Alarm management & notifications by various means
  • Extensive Incident, Events management
  • iBeacons, Eddystone, Zigbee, RFID device support
  • Multi-lingual via Localization. Auto language switching.
  • Standard and custom reports.
  • Scripting via MS Visual Studio, not with MS Office (e.g. VBA or VBScript) tools
  • Redundant or clustered servers, multiple communication paths amongst resources.
  • Automatic vital, critical data backup at cloud or multiple locations
  • Archive the history data time limited only by storage space
  • Control system hardware vendor-neutral. E.g. Rockwell/AB, GE-IP, Siemens, Schnieder, etc.
  • Use Ladder, Structured Text, Function Blocks, IEC-1131, etc.
  • Versions may be supplied in MS VB6 to the current MS Visual Studio & MS SQL Server.
  • Can also work with HMI/SCADA systems like Rockwell, Schnieder, Siemens, ABB, Emerson, Honeywell, etc. using any Fieldbus like ModbusTCP, ASI-bus, Profibus, Devicenet, ControlNet, Canbus, Ethercat, EthernetIP, etc. in any combination.

PCI carries full insurance for General & professional liability, etc. & complies with ISNetworld.

All PCI field personnel carry TWIC cards with H2S and Land Safety Training & have completed the IDAC HSE Rig pass course which includes SafeGulf and SafeLand USA.

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