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PLC Resident Driver Series
Parijat 3964/3964R Master/Slave Serial Driver
The 3964_SLC.RSS driver has been developed by Parijat Controlware using the state-of-the-art Rockwell Software RSLogix500 software for an AB SLC Family PLC with Channel 0.

 This driver may be used with the PLC5 or with any of the other Controllogix family of Programmable Controllers, with minor modifications to support the 3964/3964R communication protocol via Channel 0.

The driver uses Channel 0 of the PLC for communication, and supports both Master (generating internal requests to another 3964/3964R supporting device) and Slave (satisfying external requests from another 3969 supporting device) Modes.

Supports as many data blocks as needed. This is only limited by the available PLC Data Table Memory.

User Programmable retries are supported in order to complete a transaction which develops errors.

The Parijat 3964_SLC.RSS Driver offers full flexibility on relating PLC integer files to Siemens DB.

The average time for a complete and successful Send/Fetch message of 6 data-words is around 0.15 seconds at 9600 Baud.

The Parijat 3964/3964R Driver also includes advanced diagnostics, simple user interface and a very small memory footprint.

No third party hardware is necessary to implement this driver.

A wide variety of other PLC communication drivers are available from Parijat, and new custom drivers can be developed on request.

Parijat Controlware helps you connect one PLC to another PLC, or to another smart industrial device. We develop custom Windows products and applications for use with PLC’s and other factory automation projects. Parijat builds custom projects with DotNet , Visual Basic, C++ and a variety of other development platforms. We can also build any .NET Components or ActiveX controls that you may need developed for a specific purpose. Parijat has an HMI/SCADA Development System written in Visual Basic, which provides basic SCADA monitoring, alarming, trending and reporting. With the Parijat HMI/SCADA Development System, any CAD drawings, manuals, vendor data sheets, instrumentation specs, instrument calibration sheets or any other documentation associated with control systems may also be easily integrated with the HMI/SCADA system.

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