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Wonderware Specific Issues
1 It is NOT Microsoft Product and is NOT commercially available as off-the-shelf.

2 InTouch family is about to be retired and new Archestra® is very naïve.

3 Support of Active X Technology is new and is incomplete, poor & awkward.

4 Implementation of reporting is very cumbersome and poor.

5 Uses ODBC to deal with RDBMS and maintains a proprietary database. Also support of SQL is very poor.

6 Uses antiquated DDE Technology and newer version supports proprietary Suitelinks.

7 Most objects do not support name properties, events and methods as is standard with Active X controls.

8 Management of Active X controls is very poor since the system shall let you remove ActiveX controls that may still be in use.

9 Troubleshooting of its proprietary scripting language is very difficult as no tools are available.

10 The buttons and user interface tools are very antiquated and poorly designed.

11 The Active X Controls work in an unpredictable fashion, especially the radio buttons.

12 On line editing of Quick scripts (while window viewer is running), sometimes corrupts the database.

13 Development process is very slow.

14 Compromises have to be made and workarounds have to be created to solve the objectives.

15 In a typical project, multiple applications have to run (e.g., Microsoft Excel, Access, ODBC drivers etc.)

16 Standard Microsoft Windows editing practices are not followed consistently.

17 No clean control on polling of field devices is available.

18 No clean method of notification available that data has arrived from the field devices.

19 Right mouse clicks and double-clicks are not supported.

20 Help file is incomplete and erroneous.

21 Naming of scripting functions is not very consistent.

22 Scripts run very slow.

23 Printing does not support buffering/spooling very well.

24 Only one instance of the application can run on a machine.

25 No group/team development is possible. No version control is available.

26 Input value does not support expressions.

27 Very forgiving in dealing and reporting with system errors, so troubleshooting takes a lot longer.

28 Generally a developer is forced to keep one type of data in multiple tags and databases.

29 Bugs when reported are not taken care of in an expedition manner.

30 Windows menu bars, cool bar, Alt+ keys with buttons are not supported.
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