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Parijat Customer List (partial)
· Automotive/ Aero: General Motors, Boeing Commercial, Delta Airline, Lear Corporation, Firestone/Bridgestone,
Cooper Tire & Rubber, Ford Motor, Michelin/Uniroyal, Gates Rubber, Bosch Braking Systems, United Technologies, GNB
Batteries, Honda Motor- KTH parts, Rockwell Automotive, Delphi Packard (GM), Durr/BEHR.

·Food and Beverages: Miller Brewing, Seagram, Philip Morris, Uncle Bens Australia, M&M Mars, Lantic Sugar
Canada, Campbell Soup, Nor-Cal Beverages, Kraft Foods, Riviana Foods. American/International Home Food, Henninger-
Brau AG, Sara Lee Foods (Coffee & Earth grains)

· Oil & Gas: Celanese, Husky Oil, Premcore Refining & Marketing, Air Products & Chemicals, Transmation, Dupont Co.,
BP Exploration, Petrobras Brazil, Conoco Trinidad, Lyondell-Citgo Refining, Dynegy, Marathon-Ashland Oil, Exxon Mobil
USA, Shell Oil, OxyChem America, Sterling Chemicals, Emerson Process, Chevron Texaco, Noble Drilling, National
Oilwell, Schlumberger.

· Pharmaceutical: Sandoz Pharmaceutical, Glaxo Wellcome, Scimed Medical, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Laboratories,
Baxter Healthcare, Syborn-Beavers Dental, Hoechst Marion Rousell, Alcon Surgical, McKesson

·Pipelines/ Rotating machines: Dynegy, El Paso Pipeline/Field Services Co., BP Pipeline, Oxy Petrochem Pipeline,
PG&E, Duke Energy, AGC, Halliburton, Enron, SAES Pure Gas, Williams - NW Pipeline, Southern California Gas, Conoco
Inc, TransCanada Pipelines, ITT Barton, Columbia Gas/Energy, Kaneb Pipelines, TEPPCO, Dresser Industries, Revak Turbo

· Power, Utilities, Nuclear: Reliant Energy, Toshiba International, Cegelec Esca, GE Lighting, Northeast Utilities,
Cooper Energy, Pacificorp-Powerdale Hydro, Long Island Lighting, Nebraska Public Power, Sithe Energies, BICC Cables,
Wisconsin Electric, Siemens AG Germany, Siemens Energy & Automation, Gillette-Duracell, South West Public Services,
GE Mexico, Westinghouse Nuclear, Fermilab, BC Hydro, Hathaway, TXU Energy, GE Packaged power, Kalsi Engineering,
Macsea, Geotest Engineering, Morning Dove Water Plant..

· Metals, Mining: Alcoa, Georgetown Steel Co, Reynolds Metals, Pitcheny Aluminum, American-Florida Steel,
Engelhard/Floridian Mining, Rapistan Demag, Allegheny Ladlum Steel, Roanoke Electric Steel, Carbide Graphite Group,
SAW Pipe USA, USX Steel, Stratasys, Stone Consolidated, Louis Padnos Iron & Metal.

· General Manufacturing: Johnson Controls, Automatic Switch Co., Marley Cooling Towers, Thermo Westronics,
Corning, Inc.-Consumer Products, Carpenter Co, Schenk, Engelhard, Hilti Europe, Bryant Grinder Corp, Milltronics, Helm
Instruments, Osco, Eastman Kodak, Tenneco Packaging, Baker Refractories, Nordson Corporation, Holnam Cement,
Robotron, Thomas Manufacturing, US Pipe & Foundary, Sprague, Lennox, Eldon (Newell Rubbermaid).

· Pulp, Paper, Printing: Weyerhaeuser, Hallmark Cards, McMillan Bloedel Canada, Corrugated Supplies, US Bureau of
Engraving & Printing, Quebecor Printing, Moore Paper Products, Liberty Check Printers, Jefferson Smurfit Corp.

· Water & Waste Handling: American Ref-Fuel, City of Houston, County of Harris – Texas, City of Laredo – TX, City
of Los Angeles –CA.

· Textiles: The Cherokee Corp, Guilford Mills, PGI Nonwovens/FiberTech, Libby Owens Ford.

· Semiconductors: CFM Technologies, 3M Co., American Electronic Components, Hewlett Packard, Lucent
Technologies, Kemet Electronics, EOS Corporation.

· Other: Sandia National Lab, United Parcel Systems, Sabre Inc., Kraus Industries, Invensys, Freudenberg-NOK, Westlock
Controls, Compuweigh, Buehler AG Europe, Western Scales, Superior Weighing, NIBCO, Giddings& Lewis, Turner
Machine/Furnace, Excel Industrial, N. American Elevators, HIMA Americas, Kodak Canada, Kirkwood Industries, Turf
Feeding systems, Voice of America, Donnelley & Sons.
Parijat Recent Projects
·Copano Energy Houston, TX - .NET SCADA system polling about 350 RTUs supporting Fisher ROC & Modbus protocols. Reading about 20 points from each RTU and publishing data to several client nodes.

·Western Refining El Paso, TX - .NET HMI system polling about 5000 points from GE Fanuc 90-70 PLC and publishing to 5 client nodes. Configured and installed in record 2 weeks.

·McKesson Phoenix, AZ - .NET HMI to Allen-Bradley PLC and bar code readers and scales. Monitors and directs a relatively large warehouse and distribution center for mission critical medical supplies distribution.

· Multiphase Technologies, TX - ASP.NET application for sizing the flow computer specifications.

·Dr DAS, TX - ASP.NET with MS SQL server for emissions monitoring from PLCs.

· Nibco Nacogdoches, TX - HMI (.NET) for Modbus interface to Modicon PLCs.

· City of Houston -Upgrade of Lift Station software for Simatic 545 & Modicon PLCs.

· Glib Great Lakes Icebreaker, Electrowave Houston, TX – .NET Data collection from OPC servers for alarm notifications and elevations. Unlimited points.

· Midamerican Energy (formerly part of Enron), Omaha, NE – .NET SCADA system polling Modbus devices unlimited RTUs and points.

·Shell Oil US, Houston, TX - .NET PocketPC wireless HMI to Allen-Bradley PLCs for warehouse/distribution center.

· Johnson Controls, St. Joseph, MO – .NET & VB6 HMI to Simatic 545 and AB PLCs. For auto battery manufacturing plant.

· City of Columbia, MO - .NET HMI for power plant and for the automatic generation control of the plant generators. OPC, Modbus serial/TCP master/slave, GIS and GE Harriss RTU interface. Redundant servers with clustering services. In the process of development.

· City of Sugarland, TX – supplemental SCADA (VB6) for water plants and lift stations for several Autocon RTUs using DDE server. Historian and e-mail alarm notification for about 1000 points.

· City of El Paso, TX - SCADA (VB6) system for Modbus and Allen-Bradley PLCs.

· City of Laredo, TX - Supplemental HMI (VB6) for water plant pumps control. Automation Direct PLC.

· City of West Tawakoni, TX - SCADA system (VB6) for water plant & lift stations using Modbus to Ritron RTUs.

· MUD55 Houston, TX - SCADA system (VB6) for water plant & lift stations using Modbus TCP to Scadapacks.

· City of Los Angeles, CA - HMI (VB6) to Allen-Bradley Clgx for power plant steam feed control system. Heavy duty historian.

· City of Cedar Rapids, IA - Web based SCADA supporting OPC, Modbus, AB and several other protocols for electric & gas utility monitoring system. Supporting several 100 meters and other smart devices.

· BP Carson City, CA - Web based permit compliance system using Oracle & about 4000 points for 400 client nodes.

· Baxter Healthcare, Mountain Home, AR - HMI (VB6) to several Simatic 545 PLCs for mission critical medical devices
and supplies manufacturing plant. Over 1000 points.

· Eldon/Newell Rubbermaid, Knoxville, TN - HMI (VB6) to AB Clgx PLC for a plastic blending plant.

· Prime Measurements (Formerly Barton) City of Industry, CA - HMI (VB6) for the tank gauging system using Modbus. Unlimited points.

·Consolidated Parts, Denver, CO - Simple HMI with Microsoft Excel VBA for Modbus & DDE communication.

· Alcan -Interface to Westinghouse power plant WDPF system for data annunciation and historian VB6 & Access Client/Server application.

·BASF IEC1131 - ladder logic development for HIMA PLCs & Modbus interface.

· OxyChem Vinyls - Interface to GE Fanuc PLCs via InTouch & GE Turbines using Modbus. Historian application with VB6.

· Cooper Tire & Rubber Co - powerful and fast interface between Oracle 8.0 and 5 GE Fanuc Series 90-70 PLCs for Recipe management & downloading, using Bar code readers & VB6. Client/server application.

· Frito Lay - Interface to potato chips analyzer and VB6.

· Gillette - Duracell - Graphical Interface to GE Fanuc Series 90-30 PLCs via DSM modules for managing & monitoring 48 large GE drives. Powerful diagnostics & reporting with VB6 & access.

· BC Hydro - Large scale CEMS system for monitoring emissions from power plant using Opto22. VB6 & Microsoft SQL server.

· Kaiser - Aluminum Large scale CEMS system for monitoring emissions from power plant using Opto22. VB6 & Microsoft SQL server

· USX US Steel - Managing, monitoring and reporting of several hundred GE Fanuc Genius blocks for fault reporting. VB6 & Access.

·El Paso Natural Gas - Enterprise wide WAN Modbus troubleshooting software for serial or TCP/IP.

· Enron - Data translation from the analyzer output to a legacy system. (VB6)

· Cemex - Terminal Automation system for truck/rail car loading in a client/server mode with AS400.

· Exxon Chemical - Truck & Rail car loading SCADA system automation with Modbus, 19 Brooks Petrocounts 7 data entryunits and Honeywell PLC and Visual Basic.

·Exxon Chemical - Tank Gauging SCADA system with client-server architecture for managing 400 tanks (over 10,000points) with VB5.

· Warren Petroleum (NGC) - NGL loading terminal inventory management, metering, ticket printing, system with VB5,interface to FIX.

· Pacific Gas & Electric - Automation of natural gas odorizing analyzers with Modbus interface using VB5 & Turbochrom.

· Century Aluminum - VB5 based annealing cooled Roll Mill automation using Modicon 984 via Modbus Plus.

· Alcoa - VB6 based CEMS system for real-time publishing over Intranet, using Microsoft SQL server.

· SAW Pipes USA - Client server Steel Pipe tracking system.

· Westlock Controls - Major valve monitoring, diagnostics, management system for up to 1000 valves, using VB4 32 bit.

· Enfab (Pak-Arab Refinery) - OMNI flow computer meter management and proving control system with VB4 32 bit forpipeline SCADA. Simultaneous communication with 2 OMNI flow computers and GE Fanuc PLCs for 2 streams in eachOmni. Reporting included.

· Case Offshore (Malaysia) - OMNI flow computer meter management and proving control system for offshore production.Simultaneous communication with 3 OMNI flow computers and GE Fanuc PLCs for 2 streams in each Omni.

· Dresser/Mobil - Offshore Electric Motor control system software development for 984 PLC with Modbus Plus for HiberniaPlatform.

· Clark Refining & Marketing - Marine loading/vapor recovery system with AB PLC and VB5

· Enron - Gas plant, Well control, 16 compressors control & Fire & Gas system using Modicon 984-785 PLCs in Hot standbyredundant operation. Performed 35 AGA 3 gas flow calculations in PLC.

· City of Houston - Creation of Generic PLC and Visual Basic SCADA/MMI software for lift stations using Modicon andSiemens 545 PLCs. The software configures based on user data input for a specific site.

· City of Houston - Automation of 40 different lift stations using Visual Basic and Modicon and Siemens 545 PLCs.Automation of Waste Water Treatment Plant SCADA using 4 Siemens 545 PLCs one ModiconPLC and Wonderware Intouch.

Parijat HMI/SCADA Open-source Development System
Microsoft® VB.NET Configurable, Scalable, Maintainable
This product was developed with Microsoft’s Visual BasicTM.NET for Desktop Windows® environment. It lets you rapidly
build full-featured loaded Human Machine Interface (HMI) for SCADA systems or any application. It may be used to create
any HMI for SCADA, PLC, DCS, Flow Computers, Chromatographs, and any system where data needs to be acquired
and/or reported in a tabular/graphical format or a GUI to database system. This development rivals proprietary non-
Microsoft products like IntouchTM from Wonderware, iFix DMACSTM from GE-Intellution, RSView32 from Rockwell-AB,
USData FactorylinkTM, Citect, GenesisTM, etc, and provides the configurability, scalability, and maintainability so that
individuals with minimum exposure to VB can quickly master and build HMI applications.
If you are using a proprietary/legacy HMI or SCADA product from companies other than Microsoft and are having
problems with the configurability as well as their licensing policies, costs, support delays and limitations, then Parijat has
an open-source solution for you

If you are using a proprietary/legacy HMI or SCADA product from companies other than Microsoft and are having problems with the configurability as well as their licensing policies, costs, support delays and limitations, then Parijat has an open-source solution for you.
What does the Parijat HMI System do for my HMI/SCADA?
• Define the points/tags to read/write using a GUI & store the configuration in an MSDE or MS SQL server DBtable. Enter appropriate data for trending, alarming, limits, scaling etc.
• Select as many of the pre-built PLC communication drivers as needed for your application.
• Create HMI Display Forms: You just need to copy the sample Form from the template (examples provided). Dropyour required VB controls on it, making the display suiting your application. Then, with the Parijat Control Wizard“link” a VB control (Label, Textbox, Picturebox, and other controls) to a reference address in the PLC data (wordor bit). Via this control wizard the user may also specify different types of animation configurations for this VBcontrol. The configuration is stored in the .Tag property of the control.
• The control Tag property may also be set independently to provide different display/form specific configurationswithout the wizard.
At VB run time, the controls for which the properties were defined at configuration time start automatically updating, if this
form is loaded. No additional VB code is necessary
The product consists of 4 components:
• A .NET service or desktop app running as a server, responsible for communication with field devices, alarming,historization etc.
• A .NET client application for creating the user display forms, and animations of VB objects (Source Codeprovided)
• An MSDE database structure, schema for data population, specific to your application of HMI/SCADA. A front-endeditor utility is provided. Or use any tools for MS SQL Server edits.
• A Parijat control wizard to help edit the .TAG property of animated controls.
Features & Benefits:
• It is a typical VB standard executable project. No run-time royalties.
• Support for about 40 industrial communication protocols (more being continuously developed).
• Designed to make use of the fast throughput and exception based processing of VB.NET
• Unlimited points (“Tags” of the conventional HMI world) and displays.
• Powerful animation and various Windows graphical file support.
• Does NOT limit you from using any other capabilities of VB in any way, use any 3rd party controls.
• Make any changes to points/tags without stopping the polling, data storage.
• Designed for field personnel, who are not VB programmers. For HMI screen modifications, no VB code needs to be written.
• Uses Microsoft SQL server (MSDE via ADO.NET) without the overhead of ODBC. Or using ODBC, any ODBC compliant database.
• Configure HMI displays by setting properties of Microsoft or if chosen use 3rd party controls • Configurable scanning of foreign smart devices like PLCs, DCS, Flow meters and so forth.
• Can be an OPC server or OPC client. (When using OPC, the project becomes non-managed)
• No multi-sourcing, no need to have multiple applications from multiple non-Microsoft vendors.
• Integrate ALL the business system needs and the HMI into ONE single application.
• Very powerful alarming and trending capabilities (up to 32 pens at the same time).
• Complicated Communication & screen update issues are resolved.
• Several prebuilt symbols provided. You may create your own or buy third party symbols in standard BMP, JPG, GIF and many other formats.
• Redundant server capability without expensive clustering hardware or licenses.
• Technology Transfer services is available from Parijat.
• Leverages Microsoft’s research in software development.
You can also use VB to publish your real time data over the Internet via ASP.NET or other Internet technologies and build
server-side or client-side applications.
An example of a
VB Form created
for an HMI project
Minimum Requirements:
• Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Learning Edition or better (for app editing only).
• Microsoft 2000, XP, 2003 or later. MSDE current version for database
• PC with 128 M RAM or CPU comfortable for Win32 Desktop OS of your choice. (Higher configurations apply forsystems with greater than 500 points and historian needs)
• Use one or more Parijat communication drivers.

• Source Code for the MSDE Configuration utility and Parijat Control Wizard (available separately)
• Source Code for the HMI Server .NET application
PLC/Industrial Smart Devices Communication Drivers
Windows Communications Drivers:
(For Microsoft .NET, VB, VC++ MFC, Delphi, PowerBuilder, Office2k/XP withWindows95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP or WinCE/PocketPC)
(Hardware cards drivers may not work with 2k/XP)
1 Allen-Bradley DF1 (Clogix/PLC5/ SLC/Micro) Ser Master Y Y Y Y   Y AB-DF1-ACTX
2 Allen-Bradley DH+ via 1784-P/KTx/D (PLC5/SLC)   Y         AB-KTX/D-ACTX
3 Allen-Bradley TCP/IP (Clogix/PLC5/SLC/Enet/DHRIO) Y Y Y Y   Y AB-ETHER-ACTX
4 Allen-Bradley DH+ via SS Tech 5136SD (PLC5/SLC)     Y       AB-SS-ACTX
5 ABB TotalFlow Serial or TCP/IP Master*** Y Y   Y   Y ABB-MASTER
6 Bailey Infi90/Net90***              
7 Brooks Petrocount IMS/RMS/SMS Meters Master     Y       BROOKS-ACTX
8 Bristol DPC33xx serial BSAP Master   Y Y       BRISTOL-ACTX
9 Caterpillar M50 serial/TCP Master via CCM*** Y Y   Y   Y CAT-CCM
10 Fisher ROC Serial or TCP/IP Master Y Y   Y   Y Fisher-.NET
11 FMC Smith Accuload Serial Master     Y       Fisher-.NET
12 GE Fanuc Genius LAN via PCIM/GBC     Y       GEF-PCIM-ACTX
13 GE Fanuc series90 SNPX Serial Master     Y       GEF-SNPX-ACTX
14 GE Fanuc series90 SNP Serial Master     Y       GEF-SNP-ACTX
15 GE Fanuc series90 TCP/IP Ethernet     Y       GEF-ETHER-ACTX
16 GE Harriss Serial or TCP/IP Master Y Y   Y   Y GE-Harriss.NET
17 Hitachi S10 alpha Serial Master     Y       HIT-MSER-ACTX
18 Honeywell UDC500 Serial Master     Y       HW-UDC-ACTX
19 Honeywell DCM (620-48/52) ABC Serial Master     Y       HW-DCM-ACTX
20 IDEC Serial or TCP Master Y Y   Y   Y IDEC-Master
21 IMPACC TCP/IP or Serial Master Y Y   Y   Y IMPACC Master
22 Mag Tek Card Reader     Y       MAG-Card Reader-ACTX
23 Mitsubishi A-series Serial Master     Y       MITSA-ACTX
24 Modbus (RTU/ASCII) Serial Master Std Y Y Y Y Y Y MOD-M-ACTX
25 Modbus (RTU/ASCII) Serial Master Pro Y Y Y Y Y Y MODPRO-M-ACTX
26 Modbus (RTU/ASCII) Serial or TCP/IP Slave Pro Y Y Y Y Y Y MODPRO-S -ACTX
28 Modbus Plus via SA-85     Y       MOD-PLUS –ACTX
29 NMEA 0183 Transmitter and Receiver     Y        
30 OMNI Flow Computers TCP/IP or Serial Master Y Y Y Y Y Y OMNI –ACTX
31 OMRON C-series Hostlink Serial Master     Y       OM-CSer –ACTX
32 OPTO22 MISTIC/OPTOMUX Serial Master     Y       PTO-MIST –ACTX
33 OPTO22 Snap I/O Master     Y       OPTO-i/o –ACTX
34 Automation Direct/Koyo k-seq Serial     Y       KOYO-K –ACTX
35 Automation Direct/Koyo TCP/IP     Y       KOYO-ETHER –ACTX
36 Profibus DP-M via S-S Tech 5136-PFB     Y       PROFI-SS –ACTX
37 Siemens S5 series 3964/R Serial Master     Y       SI-3964RM –ACTX
38 Siemens S5/S7 H1 Ethernet via 3Com type card Y Y   Y   Y SI-H1-ETHER –ACTX
39 Square D (Model 300 to 700) Serial Master     Y       SQR-D-Serial-ACTX
40 TI/Siemens 5xx series (TBP/NITP) Serial Master     Y       SI-5XXSER –ACTX
41 TI/Siemens 5xx series Ethernet TCP/IP via CTI2572     Y       SI-2572 –ACTX
42 Toshiba T/M/EX series/TCP PLC’s Serial Master Y   Y Y Y   TOSHIBA–ACTX
43 Westinghouse WDPF via WesAPI     Y       WDPF–ACTX
44 WITS level 0 serial master ***             WITS-ACTX
*** These drivers denote special order only

1. Allen-Bradley
Modbus Master or Slave***
Siemens 3964R/3964 (Master / Slave Fetch and Send)
Fire & Gas Multicom system

OPC Alarm & Event server for Modbus device
PLC DLL 32 Bit Communication Drivers:
1 Modbus (RTU/ASCII) Serial Master Pro as DLL           MBPRO-S-DLL
2 Modbus (RTU/ASCII) Serial Slave as DLL           MB-SLAVE-DLL
We specialize in writing communication drivers for just about any product. If you do not see your particular needs met from the above list, please give us a call about other drivers that we are working on which may not have made it to this list .We are continually writing other drivers for a wide variety of applications.

It typically takes between four to six weeks to write a new driver depending on the complexity of the particular protocol plus the hardware and software requirements for the application. New drivers can be written for as little as $2,500 depending upon these variables.

We also specialize in writing applications for OPC, Windows CE and embedded XP/NT
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For More Information on any of our products please contact us
Disclaimer: Any mention of a product or vendor is for reference only & the names belong to their respective owners.
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